Shop like you live in Bermuda with NAB

It's no secret that we love Danielle creator of NAB - Need and Buy App & website championing local retailers in Bermuda. 

Supporting local businesses, and customers here on island is something she is super passionate about. From starting NAB only a few  years ago, she has gained an enormous social media following, she even NAB'd herself a ' Best of Bermuda Award' in 2020. 

While being an incredible, mother, entrepreneur, and corporate powerhouse we love that ' clean beauty' enthusiast is also one of the things to to add to her very long and impressive resume. 

Like us, Danielle's clean beauty journey is every evolving with each new product she reviews, there is always something to fall in love with and add to her truly beautiful look.  Click here to NAB some of Danielle's Cassine Favourites! 

Looking to NAB something locally? Look no further than NAB, here you will find a whole treasure trove of what Bermudian retailers have to offer, right here on your doorstep! While you're there make sure to sign up for NAB's amazing newsletter, showcasing the 

NAB's social media is super vibrant make sure to follow on @thenabapp! There you will find the cutest outfits, makeup and skincare tips,  recipes, furniture, at home must-haves and much much more! 

Creating this clean beauty movement with the support of influencers like Danielle had been instrumental in growing our business. Her stunning skincare routines ( Organic Pharmacy, Green People, Province Apothecary)  and  flawless makeup looks created with many RMS Beauty products along with her drive to reinvigorate the local retail industry has been truly inspiring. 

NAB's tagline : ' Shop like you live in Bermuda' is something we aspire to do every single day and we hope you do too!