Our Story

Established in 2018 by Bermudians, for Bermudians, Cassine brings a curated selection of natural beauty products, with a strong focus on the future of the island and oceans. We’re passionate about all living creatures on our planet especially those who inhabit and surround our beautiful island.

Born and raised in Bermuda, our founder Jennifer Page has been a lover of all things makeup and beauty related. Having lived here her entire life, she is still constantly in awe of the beauty of her surroundings, the scent of the flowers, the sound of the ocean and the smiles of the people. Jennifer has also witnessed decades of storms and made-effected destruction to our beaches and ultimately our reefs. She has been a long-standing advocate for the preservation of the reefs and is a proud supporter of the Living Reefs Foundation. She has adopted a mini- coral garden and a portion of all Cassine sales will be donated to the Living Reefs Foundation’s Coral Gardening projects.

Our Mission

Cassine is focused on bringing acclaimed beauty products to this island that are all natural, reef-safe and overall good for the environment.

We’re determined to ban harmful sunscreen from our island and we’re hugely supportive of the Living Reefs Foundation, who are working tirelessly on coral gardening in an effort to sustain, preserve and grow our reefs for our future and livelihood here in Bermuda.

Proudly Support

Learn more about the work of the Living Reefs Foundation and how you can support