How do our NEW Essential Oil Diffusers work ?

Did you know inhaling essential oils stimulates certain areas of your brain, triggering profound therapeutic benefits for your mind and body? Plus, the pleasant aroma can transform your space into a dreamy haven.


One of the easiest ways to infuse the air with these oils and incorporate their powerful properties into your daily routine is by using an essential oil diffuser. It's a must-have item for any essential oil enthusiast!


What’s An Essential Oil Diffuser?


An essential oil diffuser – also known as an ultrasonic diffuser – is an electric device that disperses essential oils into the air using water instead of steam. These diffusers contain a small disk that creates ultrasonic vibrations, breaking down the essential oils into tiny particles that mix with water to create a fine mist.


The beauty of an ultrasonic diffuser is that it doesn’t use heat. The delicate chemical structure of the oil is not denatured, so the powerful healing properties remain intact.


Health Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils


Essential oil diffusers do a lot more than just fragrance the room. Depending on the essential oils used, benefits may include:


· Better quality sleep

· Stress reduction

· Boosting mood and emotional well-being

· More energy

· Headache relief

· Decongesting the sinuses and chest

· Enhanced immunity

· Removing odors and germs in the air

· Greater focus

· Better learning

· Repelling insects


Ultrasonic diffusers also double as humidifiers. Adding moisture to the air is hugely beneficial for offsetting the issues that come with dry air and air conditioners, like respiratory problems and dry skin. A diffuser helps you breathe easier, literally, and figuratively.


Using an Essential Oil Diffuser Correctly

 Woolzies essential oil diffusers are super simple and safe to use.

First, set the diffuser up in a room where you spend lots of time – the bedroom, living room, and office are good options – close to a wall outlet. Once you're happy with the placement, remove the top of the diffuser and add cool water to the reservoir until it reaches the fill line.

Next, add your Woolzies essential oils – we suggest adding 3-5 drops of essential oil per 100ml of waterdepending on the size of the room. Replace the top of the diffuser, and you're ready to switch it on and enjoy the magnificent aromatic benefits!

Letting it run for about 30-60 minutes at a time is perfect for dispersing the oils without overloading your senses.

Don't forget to clean your diffuser after every 5-6 uses to keep it in tip-top shape! Unplug it and empty the water before giving it a good wipe out with a damp cloth. Rinse the water reservoir with water and let it dry out before using it again.