A Bermudian Love Letter to our Ocean

A Bermudian love letter to our incredible Ocean ...

When I was a kid, I could literally watch the South Shore from my bedroom window.

I watched but I never really saw the Ocean for what it was, and like many Bermudians I grew up taking our blessings for granted, unaware of what I was missing out on until my early 20s.

Around that time I realised that if you have access to a boat, Bermuda suddenly transforms from a crowded 21 square mile rock, into a secluded paradise.
A labyrinth of pristine reef, known by only a select few.
This was the point where the Ocean truly took a hold of me. . When I closed my eyes at night I would imagine myself taking a breath and then slowly descending.
Now in the present. As a parent there is an opportunity for me to reveal to my family the things I took for granted

To share the lessons and the experiences I had with my children from an early age.
As the contemporary custodians of the Ocean I feel it is our generations responsibility to make drastic changes in the way we treat her. . I believe we can all easily contribute to the preservation of our marine habitat by using natural, non-invasive versions of products like sunscreen when spending time in the Ocean.
With Love,
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Creative Director : @ggcxworldxpersonal
Videographer & Editing: @Las_bermudas
Boat: @truebermuda
Models & Passionate Ocean Lovers : Josh @fightreadybda & his adorable son
Location: @bermuda