World Cancer Day

Feb 4th - World Cancer Day: Internationally marked as the day to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.

Cancer a word that strikes fear in the heart of anyone who hears it, anyone who has ever encountered it, and anyone who has been diagnosed with it.
Cancer struck our world on Jan 7, 2019, and for the past year, we as a family have faced it together. Through operations, chemo, days on end in bed, trips to Boston, test after test after test and sleepless nights waiting for results to come in... this last year has been bittersweet.

We came very close to losing each other, and in this darkness that closed over us. A light shone on the love we have for each other and how grateful we were to be together, to share this time in sickness, in treatment, and finally in health.
Truthfully, our new baby boy and Cassine saved us. In between the battle, there were always bright sparks of meeting new people, collaborating with incredible artists, helping our customers make the switch', making deliveries, hosting parties, and of course, the never-ending drive to preserve our beautiful island.

On the really bad days, there were unforgettable moments that lifted us up. Whales jumping out of the water over Grape Bay walks along Horseshoe, simply sitting outside and smelling salt in the evening air... soothed us and encouraged us.
We started Cassine to save the reef, little did we know it would save us. Our passion for our company, green beauty, our island and this planet has grown even more than we ever dreamed it could.

For anyone who is battling, battling alongside a loved one, for anyone who has loved and lost from this horrific disease. For all the survivors and all the angels who watch over us, we send love, light and a deep understanding of how this disease affects us all.

Thank you to every single person who has inspired and uplifted us in the past year. You'll never know how truly grateful we are to have met you and to have been supported by you along the way. We are determined to spread this throughout our lives and our business.

With love from our family to yours - Mia & Jen