Jen & Mia's Picks | Age Defy


We love our Green People Age Defy Range so much. 

The entire range is made up of  90% active natural and organic ingredients, and there are plenty of fragrance-free options for those with really sensitive skin. 

And the results are fantastic with a combination of combating skin dehydration along with promoting skin renewal, the entire range has something to offer. We have our face favourites, but we absolutely adore their body products too:  (Age Defy Exfoliating body cream & Contour & Sculpt Body Lotion). 

If you are looking to freshen your look, hydrate your skin and regain your youthful glow look no further. 

Cassine’s Choice: 

1. +24 Hour Brightening: One of our top sellers this product is magic in a bottle. A revolutionary moisturizer with active botanicals delivering intense skin hydration, reducing age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Purify + Hydrate Cream Cleanser: We love the delicious cream and hydration this product gives the skin. Extra bonus, this product's main anti-ageing ingredient is Hibiscus! Not just a pretty flower.

3. Soft buff skin exfoliator: this product instantly lifts and brightens the skin by way of a 3 part exfoliant. Microbead free, this exfoliant has just the perfect amount of ‘ buff’ to leave your skin feeling and looking gorgeous

4. Hydrate & Renew face and neck serum: This product reawakens, smooths and regenerates our faces and necks with its intense hydration. Another one of the top-selling products we love!  

Other ways to age-defy :

Attend a class with @shamanacircle 

Collect trash from the beach 

Spend time with loved ones 

Do something for you... and love yourself!