Cassine at County 'Cunny Game'

If you're from the east end of Bermuda, I'm sure you know all about 

Cunny Game; and if you're from the west, I'm sorry but east does it best! 

The annual Eastern County Games are held to a higher esteem than Cup 

Match to many of its supporters. The series of cricket games are held over 

three separate Saturdays throughout summer and includes 4 teams; 

Bailey's Bay Cricket Club, Cleveland County Cricket Club, St. David's 

Cricket Club, and Flatt's Victoria Cricket Club. Every year the location of 

the event alternates between Bailey's Bay Cricket Club (Sea Breeze Oval) 

and St. David's Cricket Club

Growing up in Bailey's Bay meant going to the game almost every year, 

and we always looked forward to when it is hosted on our home turf. My 

sister, cousins, and I always searched for outfits that sported our team's 

colors and that is something we still do to this day! Even if Bailey's Bay is 

not playing you will still find many supporters wearing red and white. 

Although the main thing that brings everyone to the field is the 

cricket game itself, it's the atmosphere, aura, and togetherness that 

brings people back every year. Whether you sit under the pop up tent and 

watch the entire game or walk around and enjoy the many vendors and 

Crown & Anchor tables, you are guaranteed to have a good time

After missing out on County Game last year due to Covid-19, I cannot 

explain how excited I am to be able to attend again this year! The feeling 

of being back out there with my family and my community is so humbling 

and so much more appreciated after the craziness that was 2020. Cricket, 

County Games especially, will always hold a special place in my heart. Every 

time I attend, no matter which team is on the field, I feel at home

This year the County Games will be held at Bailey's Bay Cricket Field 

(YESSSS!) on July 17th, August 14th, and August 28th

 Come out and be a part of this wonderful event, you won't regret it. I'll be there in my red and white, screaming "Bailey's Bay All The Way"!

- Bionka Swan