The Natural Crystals Sleep Collection

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Woolzies Crystals Sleep Healing Set includes 6 unique Crystals and one roll on. These crystals are healing for insomnia, headaches, fears, and addictions. They can be used for calming your mind, encouraging restful sleep, and are very soothing.


Use amethyst to treat insomnia and promote peaceful and healing sleep. Used to relieve headaches, fears, and addictions, this gemstone is a popular healing stone. 

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a love stone that increases positive energy, compassion, and forgiveness. It clears your emotional memory, replacing stored anger and resentment with harmony.

Grey moonstone

Grey moonstone will help you find a softer, more feminine energy. Moonstone is especially soothing to children, encouraging restful sleep and banishing sleepwalking.


As your body drifts to sleep, labradorite will help your emotions heal by calming your mind, energizing your imagination, and creating a sense of adventure. 


Tourmaline re-invigorates the physical body, fights chronic fatigue, and may help to fortify the immune system. It reduces panic as well as soothes and quiets the mind for restful sleep


Nicknamed the dream crystal, prehnite protects the mind and frees the spirit to explore without disturbances. Place one under the pillow to cure unwanted out-of-body experiences

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