Grey labdanum - Abel Parfum (unisex)


A hint of bitter orange and violet open this cool labdanum rich fragrance where dark incense and ambergris collide with warm patchouli in a harmonious clash.

*1% of Grey Labdanum revenue goes to supporting nonprofit Plastic Soup Foundation

 * 15 ml * 

About Abel Parfum : 

elegant perfume for men and women

At Abel we believe...

In the power and beauty of scent. Its ability to enrich daily life in a way nothing else can. We believe that indulgence doesn’t need to have a negative impact on the earth, its inhabitants, or you.

full ingredients list:

All our ingredients are derived from natural sources. We guarantee fairtrade and sustainable farming practices.

  • bitter orange oil - France
  • mandarine oil - Italy
  • pink pepper extract - Reunion Island
  • ginger extract - U.S.A. *organic
  • ginger extract - France
  • bergamot oil - Italy
  • bergamot oil - Italy *organic
  • petitgrain oil - Paraguay *organic
  • vetiver oil - Sri Lanka *organic
  • vetiverol - *naturally derived vetiver note
  • cistus labdanum absolute - Spain
  • olibanum oil - Somalia
  • sandalwood oil - India
  • tonka bean absolute - Venezuela
  • patchouli oil - Indonesia
  • ambroxan - *naturally derived ambergris note
  • ambrettolide - *naturally derived musk note
  • non-denatured food grade grain alcohol - Italy *organic
  • INCI (potential allergens): - limonene, linalool, citral, coumarin, geraniol, eugenol, citronellol, isoeugenol, benzyl benzoate

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