Green People

Edelweiss & Green Tea Hand Guard SPF 30


A scent-free natural hand cream with SPF to naturally protect against sun damage and skin ageing 


  • Moisture-retaining natural and organic plant ingredients hydrate and replenish the hands
  • Naturally rich in age-defence antioxidant ingredients
  • High-factor SPF30 sun filters provide safe and effective protection against UVB rays
  • UVA filters defend against age spots and skin damage caused by sun exposure
  • Cruelty free, reef safe and suitable for even very sensitive hands
  • 84% certified organic ingredients


Organic Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Edelweiss


Due to the high level of plant-derived ingredients and the complex nature of the UV filters used in our sun care product, they are prone to colour change during storage.  This is entirely normal and whilst they are a creamy-white colour when first manufactured, they can develop a darker, tan shade over time.  The rate at which this colour change takes place can be influenced by storage conditions, with warmer temperatures accelerating the process.  This change in colour does not affect the UV protection offered by the product.

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