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420 Emerald Cuff

$115 $235

The 420 Cuff is back… only this time, it features a special emerald! Our gold vermeil is a special thick coating of 14k gold over solid sterling silver 925. You could correlate gold vermeil directly to gold plating: however, it’s a much thicker layer of gold for a longer lasting shine, and the base of the piece has to be sterling silver for quality.

Though gold vermeil is a thick coating, remember to treat your gold vermeil well so that it’ll last! Make sure to take it off before exercising or showering, in order to keep it away from sweat and water and so it stays as vibrant as you, always :)

We recommend using jewelry polishing cloths to remove any possible tarnishing, and watch out, you don’t want to rub too hard! Abrasive cleaning can wear off the gold faster than normal so steer clear of any liquid cleaners!

You can clean your gold vermeil with a soft, dry cloth to keep it shiny and bright. Abrasive cleaning can wear off the gold faster than normal, so we don’t recommend liquid cleaners. Instead, use a jewelry polishing cloth to remove tarnish, and be careful not to rub too hard.

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