Who is Cassine? Our Family Story

There has been a lot of discussion around local retail in the press recently. It was incredible to see (and feel the huge surge of support for Bermudian businesses). Retail is such an integral part of our historical and economic success here on the island. 

This new focus on the importance of local retail, made us think about how we as a family have been historically supported by retail. From first jobs, to entrepreneurial endeavors, forever friendships made, and endless memories - retail in Bermuda is an adventure which we love, and are thankful to be a part of. 

The Story of Cassine: 

A tiny seed planted in 1900. 

From this seed tiny roots began to grow, a young Bermudian family who have been deeply invested in Bermuda's retail industry for over four generations. 

'Cassine' for those of you who don't know is named after the Bermuda Olivewood tree. Native to the island, we felt this name reflected our families history, our love of nature and most importantly our love of Bermuda. 

It all started with this wonderful man our Grandad ( Great Grandad!) in the 1900's

1900 - Ellsworth Cooper was quite the character. A WW2 veteran and proud Bermudian, he was once given a speeding ticket on his pedal bike! His retail journey began working for his family Grocers in Somerset and ended at Burrows & Lightbourn. 

1910 - Sarah Cooper ( grandmother/great grandmother) was also quite the character! Standing at 4'11 her tiny stature really did live up to the saying ' big things come in small packages'.  Working at the iconic Guerlain on Queen street in the 1970's, we still have a bottle of perfume from her time there. Having the bottle warms our hearts and reminds us of all our happy memories together. 

1923 -Ernest Page (father/grandpa)  'Ernie' was a true East End boy! Born and raised in St.George's he was blue and blue through and through. He was also an awesome dancer, animal enthusiast ( he thought it would be a great idea to bring home pig as a gift to the family one year!). Ernest was beloved by his co-workers and customs during his many years at Office Equipment. 

1930(ish) Mary Page:  (mother/grandmother) she never did tell us her real age ;). A true inspiration, lover or nature, numbers and flowers - Mary is a true inspiration to us. Owner and operator of ' The Flower Shop' on Reid street for decades was unusual in a world where most businesses were owned and operated by men. The flowers you receive on your Cassine deliveries, are a nod to this incredible woman and her love of flora and fauna. 

Jennifer Page : Owner Cassine : First job was in the children's department of Gibbon's company, also worked as the cosmetic /beauty buyer for Masters and numerous other retail/reinsurance jobs before coming back to her true passion: saving the planet in a beautiful way. Thus Cassine was born. 

Mia Page Gregory : First job was working at "The Flower Shop ( which explains my disdain for Valentine's day). I worked for many years as a student for the Calypso group and had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people, along with building my confidence and learning so many skills which have helped me grow into the woman I am today. Coming back to Bermuda to help my mom with Cassine has been the best experience of my career. I am so proud of the business we are growing. 

It's safe to say that at some point or another you, or your family has been supported in some why by local retail. 

We are so proud of our family's history, and that Cassine is part of this long legacy. Retail is the fabric that holds our community together and we are so thankful for the opportunity to serve our beautiful island.
Love - Jen & Mia