What's in your sunscreen?

We started this business after heading down to Blue Hole one afternoon. While were we down there, we noticed that the hole looked dead, lifeless, there was no marine life, and the smell of rancid coconut sunscreen was rampant in the air. 

What was going on? We knew there was a connection, but what was it? 

What we discovered was SHOCKING, sunscreens are killing us and our corals. 

Brands that SAY they are reef safe, sprays, lotions and potions just sitting on the shelf at your local grocery store are deadly. 

If any of the following ingredients are in the sunscreen you're using you're hurting yourself and the planet: 

Oxybenzone - terrible skin irritant causing eczema like symptoms, kills coral. Found in breast cancer tissue

Avobenzone - Damages DNA, may cause cancer, kills coral

Oxtocrylene - Damages skin and may cause cancerous mutations. Kills corals

Homosalate - Accumulates in our bodies faster than we can get rid of it. Fertility and hormone disruptor. Kills coral

Octinoxate - Causes premature ageing, free radical, hormone disruptor, kills coral

Retinyl Palmate - Allergic reactions, hormone disruption. Kills coral

Paraben Preservatives -  Allergic reactions, hormone disruption. Kills coral

Zinc - Accumulates in coral tissues, bleaching and killing the coral

Scary stuff. 


Luckily after months and months of research we came across the range Green People.  From Sunscreen, Makeup, Men's, and children's products this company has it all! No chemicals, no killers only the best ingredients for you and your family.

A Brief history of the Green People Brand

Founded in 1997 because, as a mother, the founder, Charlotte, realised that there were no organic products out there and that time in history was predominantly a chemical-heavy trend. Charlotte needed organic products for her daughter’s sensitive skin. Soon after that, she approached the soil association as she realised there were also no standards for organic skin care so she decided to take the bull by the horns and sort it out herself. Certified organic skin care and the standards were created in 1999 from her initiative.


  • Sensitive skin experts that have been pioneering organic care products since 1997
  • Dedicated to buying Fair Trade ingredients wherever possible
  • Green People has over 100 multi award-winning high performance skin and hair care formulations with 90% natural and organic ingredients, 100% vegetarian and 100% cruelty-free.
  • Green People don’t dilute or bulk out their products with high levels of water, drying alcohol or synthetic fillers, so less really is more!
  • 30p from every sale of both the Scent Free Adult and Children’s SPF30 sun lotion goes towards supporting the Marine Conservation Society


We have a variety of Green People Sunscreen, you can purchase from our shop with free next day delivery. We are also selling it at The Retreat Spa on middle road. 

Shop Sunscreen: https://cassine.shop/collections/sun/body