The Top 8 products Cassine Founder, Jennifer Page swears by

Hello Cassine Beauties,

First, I would like to thank you all for supporting our business - we love creating meaningful friendships with you and assisting you with all your beauty needs.

As a certified beauty lover and passionate environmentalist- I know my stuff, and am fortunate enough to work with incredible brands and a team of people who produce products which are clean, chic and sustainable.

We spend an extraordinary amount of time discovering, vetting, and recommending only the best beauty products for our customers.

My bag is my everything - I hope you love my recommendations and can't wait for you to have a peak inside!

Jen xo


Here's a little Sneak Peak into my Bag : 

'Lipstick can't solve problems but it's a good start'

This RMS toxic free lipstick is not only in my bag, but in every pocket, wallet and the car. I never leave home without it.


Facial SPF 30 - This is my Holy Grail beauty product. SPF is the key to great skincare protecting you from the Sun and from the pesky blue light that comes from screens ( yes watching your phone in bed at night is harming your skin) I've even started to wear this Sunscreen at night - A must for in all your bags!