Celebrating Bermudian Beauty this Holiday Season

Bermudians are beautiful, and just like the holidays, we shine from the inside out. We started Cassine knowing we wanted to in some small way contribute towards the health of fellow Bermudians, our ocean, our island and ultimately the planet- one beautiful face at a time. 

Christmas in Bermuda is so special. As the nights get darker and a little bit cooler we snuggle into our jackets as we ride home from work, watch as lights spiral up palm trees, meet friends for bubbles, sing Christmas carols and truly enjoy each other's company. 

This Christmas, we wanted to showcase some of the most beautiful women we know, letting their authentic light beam into the lens of @queendomheights, who is renowned for her raw Bermudian storytelling. 
Highlighting our model's natural beauty using our RMS Beauty make-up range, our favourite make-up artist @astoriaelizabeth created glowing holiday looks - the clean beauty way. And in turn, captured our hearts, our imaginations and the spirit of Christmas where the swipe of a toxic-free red lipstick makes everything seem more festive. 

It was our honor to create this campaign, sharing moments of pure joy: when Bermudian Centurian Mrs. Dulcie Zuill stepped onto the set, when the laughter of lifelong friends Belthea Zuill, Crystal Clay, and Ingrid Botelho danced around the room, singing with Juliette Hoerrman to the sweet sounds of Ann Murray even prompting Jayde to say 'I think I could get into this Ann Murray' lol! 

Listening to the stories of these magnificent worldly women was unforgettable. Hearing Ann Johnson talk about life in Bermuda as a young woman, about love and riding Harley's. Interviewing the iconic Barbara Frith on her dream of being a professional dancer, her mother's beauty mantra 'Beauty is as beauty does' resonated with us in ways we will remember forever. We are excited to share some of these words with you below.
Ingrid Botelho:
Seaglass artist/mother of 3. A lover of God, people, nature and good food.
Q: What does beauty mean to you?
A: Beauty is something that radiates from the inside out.. if a person isn't beautiful from the inside they don't possess true beauty. Beauty is more than skin deep. 
Q:What's the best beauty tip you've ever received?
A:Don't fall asleep with your make-up on 
A:At night rub an ice cube on your face (especially under your eyes), moisturise and you're so refreshed in the morning 
Q:Why do you think Bermudian women age so well? 
A:We naturally take care of ourselves it is part of our culture to embrace self-care, genetics and our secret .. the ocean air! Which is such an integral part of who we are as Bermudians 
Q:What's your favourite part of ageing?
A: I can be authentically me 
Ingrid wears: Un-Powder: 3-4 | Foundation : 88 | Contour: 122 | Concealer: 66 | Luminizer : Peach | Lip2Cheek: Beloved (blush) | Red Lip: Wild With Desire Lipsticks: Russian Roulette & Dressed Up Red | Natural Lip: Lip Shine : Moment mixed with Honest Lip shine and Nighttime Nude Lip Liner | Eyes: Lucky eye polish  Brows : Powder shadow #97 | Mascara: RMS Volumising black 
Crystal Clay: 
Wife/mother of 2, coach/mentor, entrepreneur, lifelong learner, lover of life, God, people, culture and the arts.
Q:What does beauty mean to you?
A:Beauty is not only what you put into yourself, but also about what you put out into the world. It's a smile, being generous and kind 
Q:Who were  your beauty icons:
A:Julie Richardson (Bermudian) admired her from afar and still admire her to this day, a local beauty icon 
Q:What's the best beauty tip you've ever received?
Making sure that you have enough rest ( hard to practice but, I do try), using natural remedies from my garden: aloe, Thyme etc - plants are power 
Q:Why do you think Bermudian women age so well? 
A:Bermudian women have a sub-culture of taking care of themselves and there is a positive peer pressure amongst each other to take care of themselves 
Q:What's your favourite part of ageing?
A:Wisdom. There is something about a women when she is older, wiser - she is more beautiful and more radiant. Admiring the beauty of wisdom makes a powerful combination. 
Q:When do you feel most beautiful: 
A:When I'm with my daughters, being in their presence is such a gift. 
Crystal wears: Un-Powder: 2-3 | Foundation : 44 | Contour: 77 | Concealer: 33 | Luminizer : Peach | Lip2Cheek: Beloved (blush) and Smile (blush)  | Red Lip: Wild With Desire Lipsticks: Russian Roulette & Dressed Up Red |
Natural Lip: Lip Shine : Moment mixed with Honest Lip shine and Nighttime Nude Lip Liner | Eyes: Solar eye polish | Brows : Powder shadow #97 | Mascara: RMS Volumising mascara in black
Barbara Frith: 
Mother of 2, lover of the arts, lifelong dancer. "Always look on the bright side of life"
Q:What does beauty mean to you?
A:Kindness, feeling good about yourself. My mother used to say ' Beauty is as Beauty acts' which is something I live by
Q:Who were  your beauty icons:
Sophia Loren, Betsy Johnson, Audry Hepburn, Iman: Their grace and their sense of humor allowed them to be glamorous, bold and simple
Q:What's the best beauty tip you've ever received?
A:Eat well and take care of yourself, be happy, kind and stay out of the sun 
Q:How has movement played a part in your life as you get older: 
A:I've known since I was 5 years old, when I had a dream that dance was my destiny. If I still move, and be happy doing what I'm doing and sharing it with other people it's a win win win. 
Q:Why do you think Bermudian women age so well? 
Environment and Culture. For example, when you walk down the street and strike up a conversation with someone and say 'isn't it beautiful today, there is gratitude and thanks that is deeply rooted in our culture'. The serenity and humidity of the ocean creates such a peace
Q:What's your favourite part of ageing?
A:Waking up in the morning :) and being able to laugh and talk- be kind and being able to listen with friends and family 
Q:When do you feel most beautiful?
A:When I'm with my friends and family, I love them I am so blessed 

Barbara wears: Un-Powder: 0-1 | Foundation : 11 | Contour:  Madeira  Bronzer | Concealer: 000 | Luminizer : Living Luminizer | Lip2Cheek: Modest (blush)  | Eyes: Solar eye polish | Red Lip color : Content Lip Shine | Natural Lip color: Promise Lip 2 Cheek | Mascara: RMS Volumising black  

As Bermudians, we are all connected so intricately, so intimately, just like the reefs that surround and protect us. Christmas is a time to make memories, enjoying yourself with family, friends and the beauty of the season, this campaign encompasses all of these for us. 

On behalf of myself and Jen we would like to thank you all from the bottom of our Green Beauty hearts for supporting our business this year. A huge thank you to our beautiful, talented and inspiring models who exemplify the timeless tradition of Bermudian Beauty. 

Merry Cassine Christmas, 
Mia & Jen x