5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

it's time to say goodbye to winter and say hello to the new season. This calls for preparation and committing to some much-needed spring-cleaning. But we're not talking about vacuuming and doing loads of laundry. With the warmer days ahead, it's time to spring-clean your beauty routine. We've rounded up the top steps to taking the Marie Kondo approach to your beauty game in time for spring.

Refresh your regimen from the harsh winter months and give your beauty collection new life with a thorough audit and fresh new additions. Some actual cleaning is also involved, keeping your coveted beauty tools in their best shape, so they can deliver flawless new looks as we move into spring.

Audit Your Collection


First things first: See what you're working with when it comes to your beauty routine—the products, the tools, and where they exist in your life. Go through everything you own, checking for expiration dates, repeats (do you keep buying nude lipsticks without ever wearing them?), and anything that looks gross or you'd never use anymore. Toss these to make room for the items you love and use regularly. Check your beauty tools to make sure they still function in tip-top shape—your hair straightener still heats to the right temperature, your eyelash curler's still fresh, your hairbrushes have all their bristles intact. Get familiar with what you have on hand to prevent repeat buys and reduce waste, and see where you're lacking so you can have an excuse to pick up some new beauty buys.

Deep Clean Your Makeup

As you're auditing, take the time to clean and sanitize your products and tools. Wash your brushes, wipe down your storage containers, and even give your makeup bag a good deep clean. Beauty products can be particularly dangerous portals for infection, so make sure you're keeping your collection clean regularly.



Where we end up putting our stuff isn't always functional. Optimize the efficiency of your makeup routine by keeping the products you use most often in the most accessible spaces and the ones you only use from time to time tucked away. This might change season to season, so consider a refresh to your organization strategy as the seasons change


Lighten Up 

Piggybacking off the last step, use your spring-cleaning as a time to stow away the winter products you won't be using anymore. Heavy creams and moisturizers specifically designed for winter weather don't need to be taking up prime real estate. Bring your lighter moisturizers and spring and summer products to the forefront where they're easily accessible.

Switch to an In-Season Palette

Just as springtime and the approaching summer require different formulas to keep you looking your most beautiful, they also call for a fresh palette of color. Some of your winter essentials don't translate as well in spring, so consider your colors as you revamp your beauty collection for the new season. Spring is a time to bring back sunny bronzers, play with color, and re-create that sun-kissed glow.