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Pambo Dress - Limon

Pambo means to decorate in Swahili and the Pambo Dress is just that, body decoration in the most beautiful form. Ethereal, feminine and full of frills; this sassy silhouette is sure to give you a feel great day. 

The top features a soft wave line over the bust which is mimicked again on the waistline. The top pulls into the back with a voluminous tie which allows you to fit and tie it as fitted or loose as you prefer. The frills, like angelic armour, cascade from the front waist all the way over to the back where they attach on the shoulder straps to the back elasticated waist which also allows generous fit ease. The skirt is very gathered and falls into a subtle A line just below the knee.

Decorate this dress with one of our beautiful beaded earrings, Kikapu Bag , Palm hat  or Ballo Sunglasses 



Made from a blend of 55% Natural Hemp + 45% Organic Cotton. Very little water and no chemicals are used to grow these fibres. That means no chemicals on your skin. You're welcome skin. Should it stretch or go out of shape, because it's natural simply stretch it back to shape by drying flat from wet.

Hemp is absorbent which is great for thermoregulating in hot + cold weather, it's long lasting (#slowfashion yeah!), it's also UV and mould resistant and when you have eventually worn it to death it will biodegrade back into our earth in less than a year, leaving not a trace of harm behind.

About the garment manufacturing...

Designed + made in Cape Town in a factory full of love. What is love you say? Love is a comfortable working space, where needs are considered and met, where your employment looks to improve your quality of living and not simply sustain it, where you can laugh and play and look forward to your days work. And because we don't like to rush things, that love extends to each individual garment where the quality + finish is seen to with attention to detail + pride, making each piece stay with you for as long as possible. Love is life.

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