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Kiwavi meaning caterpillar in Swahilli, the prequel to our Spring Collection Kipepeo (butterfly) dress! They share a similar silhoette however the soon to be metamorphised Kiwavi is shorter in length and features a straight hem. She wraps at the front and the top is intended to be loose and unfitted, creating a shifty smock feel for the gathers skirt panels that fall from it, finished in a hem frill detail. An above elbow balloon sleeve is finished with an elasticated detail. The wrap has ties on each side, one concealed inside and one on the outside which is finished in our handmade bamboo tassels.



Tencel is produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material, wood. Recognised as the most sustainable textile on the market, Tencel™ offers a range of features including sustainable production, low environmental impact, long-lasting softness, silky smoothness, enhanced breathability, anti-bacterial, colour retention and biodegradability. The lusciously silky soft fibre boasts the breathability of linen, the wearability of cotton and the feel of silk. 

Designed + made in Cape Town in a factory full of love. What is love you say? Love is a comfortable working space, where needs are considered and met, where your employment looks to improve your quality of living and not simply sustain it, where you can laugh and play and look forward to your days work. And because we don't like to rush things, that love extends to each individual garment where the quality and finish is seen to with attention to detail and pride, making each piece stay with you for as long as possible. Love is life.


COMPOSITION: 100% Tencel

CARE : Machine Washable (remove tassels by instruction) | Medium Cool Iron | Do not tumble dry | Line Dry

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