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Ice Facial Roller


Tell fine lines, wrinkles, and inflammation to “chill out!” Our ice roller soothes puffy, tired, or irritated skin and is incredibly relaxing! You’ll love ending your daily skincare routine with this icy-cool roller.



This wondrous little beast has changed my life and face.

Review by SarahB on 1 Jun 2020
I might actually use it all day. I used it last night while watching How I Met Your Mother and sipping gin and tonic after dermarolling my face. I used it this morning while sunning myself on the balcony and slugging my breakfast tea. I pressed it over my puffy eyeballs and felt the life force come back into my body while the puffyness ebbed away. Read more about

It's so much easier to use for freezing one's face than the jade roller (which I love for other reasons.) I even used it to massage around my shoulders and neck, which are perpetually angry and tight. Admittedly this isn't an advertised benefit, but I swear it may help me to stop my ancient vice of biting my nails when I'm nervous. I can just productively freeze my face instead

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