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Gold Luminizer


gold luminizer: subtle golden richness (limited edition)

Award-winning cream luminizer awakens skin with the ultimate light-reflective, dewy glow to create a fresh, subtle, luminous highlight that is lit from within.

Inspired on set, this first-of-its-kind cream luminizer highlights your favorite features with a delicate, natural glow—without grease or glitter. Formulated with organic coconut and castor seed oils this formula nourishes as it illuminates. Multi-use product lifts and enhances as it brings light and life to skin.

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Organic Coconut Oil: Extracted from fresh coconuts without the use of heat or chemical solvents, our certified organic, raw coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer that helps soften, protect and soothe even the most sensitive skin.

Vitamin E: An antioxidant powerhouse sourced from sunflowers grown in Spain, our full-spectrum, all natural vitamin E helps protect and smooth the skin.

Castor Seed Oil: Rich in fatty acids, castor seed oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and great source of hydration that helps detoxify and soothe the skin.


Use fingers to apply luminizer to the highest point of your cheekbones, taking care not to take product too far toward the center of the face.
Press luminizer in with one or two fingers before using a clean finger to soften the edges, making sure you check it in good lighting to ensure a natural, seamless blend.
Our luminizers are their most reflective when they have little product underneath them - try to avoid putting too much foundation or powders on the cheekbones to get the best result. Eyes:
Use your ring finger - or for a more targeted application - the rms beauty brightening brush to apply luminizer
- above the point of the brow’s arch to lift
- on the eyelid just above the lash line
- on the inner ‘v’ of the eye to brighten

To enhance the lips, apply with either your finger or the rms beauty brightening brush to the ridges of the cupids bow only. Ideally apply before lip color to ensure a natural finish.
Alternatively, add a sheen and three-dimensional impact to the lip - without the stickiness of a gloss - by using your finger to press a small amount into the center of your top and bottom lip.

After applying your beauty body oil, elongate limbs by blending your luminizer down the outer edge of the arms and the center of the legs.
Buff into the collarbones, tops of shoulders and ridges of the shoulder blades (if showing) to create a sensual finish to the skin.
Rose-Marie loves to apply a small amount of luminizer lightly over the knuckles - with a brush or fingers - to catch the light and ensure continuity with the rest of the body.

“Throughout my career working in print and on set, certain jobs required that ‘no-makeup makeup look’. To start, I would apply jojoba to the body. I needed something to highlight the face while keeping that sultry, no makeup look. All of the highlighters out there were too glittery. The micron size was too big which created a very unnatural look. So keeping this top of mind, I developed the living luminizer formulated with natural ingredients that nourished the skin and ensured a true natural, dewy glow. With this introduction I even created the term luminizer - at the time products of this type were called either highlighters or illuminators; I felt that there wasn’t a term available to give credit to the luminous gorgeous radiance my highlighter provided.”

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