Iris Hantverk

Duck Bath Brush


This maple and horsehair brush from Iris Hantverk lathers beautifully for a luxurious bath.

3.5″ H x 4.75″ D

Oiled maple, horsehair

Handmade in Sweden

Iris Hantverk’s Maple wood bath brush with knob is made in Sweden from oiled Maple and soft horsehair. Made traditionally, this brush provides a zero-waste alternative to synthetic brushes. Wood’s natural antibacterial properties make it safer to use than plastic; and because it is biodegradable, you can rest assured that at the end of its life your brush will go back into the earth.

This brush lathers wonderfully for a luxurious bath. Read our article on wood brush care to extend the life of your Iris Hantverk brush.

This is a perfect gift for baby showers, mom to be, or paired with our Newborn Baby Kit  our our beautiful Green People Baby Wash

A small but important note: 

Iris Hantverk craftsmen have been making wood and natural fibre brushes in the tradition of Swedish brush binding since the late 19th century. Visually impaired craftsmen continue these traditions today, creating brushes and tools that are both beautiful and functional.

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