Cassine x Bermuda National Gallery September 26


Join us for an intimate private tour of Bermudian artist Gherdai Hassel’s show "I am because you are" at the Bermuda National Gallery.

Ticket includes a family Bermuda National Gallery membership for the year, a private tour of the gallery, and light refreshments.

We are committed to this community and all the incredible creatives. In March we had the unbelievable experience of attending Gheardai Hassels artist talk at her first solo exhibit at the Bermuda National Gallery; In 2019, Gherdai Hassell uncovered a family tree which traced her lineage back eight generations from Bermuda via St Kitts to Africa, where her ancestor was captured and enslaved.

Driven by an exploration of her own heritage, in this exhibition, Hassell examines the lasting impacts of slavery: re-imagining the identities of enslaved Bermudians in a series of striking portraits, texts, and installation inspired by the Bermuda Slave Registers and historic photographs in the Bermuda Archives. This exhibition closes at the end of September, and we wanted to invite you all to be moved, educated, an enraptured by this show in the same way that we were when we saw it in March. Supporting spaces in our community that showcase powerful, community enriching, history changing story telling through art is the life blood of this island and the world. Be prepared to be moved by this life-changing exhibit and the Bermudian genius Gherdai Hassel, the woman behind it all.

Sunday, September 26th , 10am - 12pm 

Location : Bermuda National Gallery 


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