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Clay Mask & Bermuda Honey Selfcare Basket


Give the gift of self-care, with this delightful little basket! 

This basket includes our incredible Province Apothecary Clay mask, which can be mixed with the beautiful (and local ) Ledgelet's Honey - for the ultimate mask experience. 

Remove with our new Organic Face cloths all the way from Sweden and you have a triple threat in a beauty basket! 

More about each product featured in this gorgeous basket: 

Detoxifying & Clarifying Clay Mask: 

This powerful blend of four superior mineral-rich clays gives skin a brighter, smoother texture and healthy glow. The clay acts as a magnet and deep cleans pores, reducing the appearance of fine lines for lifted, more radiant skin.

Our dry formula can be customized to your unique needs, making it the perfect refining mask for all skin

Glacial Clay's natural mineral content rejuvenates skin and deep cleans, resulting in smaller-looking pores and a brighter complexion. Bentonite Clay is highly absorbent, able to attract dirt and toxins on the skin surface and within pores to help deeply cleanse and invigorate the skin.


The Ledgelet's Bermuda Honey: 

Lovingly created amongst the Ledgelet's gardens, these busy Bermudian Bee's have created special honey that is one of a kind! Great for tea, cereal, toast and much more! 

Organic Face  Cloth: 

Washcloth in knitted organic cotton. The organic cotton has a lovely softness and pliability while knitting gives the washcloth a nice exfoliating feeling. Lovely to use in the shower or bath

Weight 33 g
Length 30 cm
Width 30 cm

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