Cedar Extravaganza Trio!


This trio will keep dad feeling fresh, and his clothing smelling of beautiful cedar! 

Cedar Trio Includes: 

Cedar Balls : 

Used throughout the ages as a natural repellant for moths, silverfish and other insects, Red Cedar balls can be placed throughout your closet or laundry room. When the scent wears off, lightly sand with fine sandpaper. Do not place directly on clothes as the wood contains natural oils that can transfer to cloth.

15 balls per bag

Beard/Hair Brush : 

Beard/Hair brush made of oil treated walnut and black china bristles. The china bristles are gentle to the beard and gives it a soft and healthy look. The handle in oiled walnut makes the brush easy to grab.

Beard/Hair Comb: 

Stylish beard/hair comb in oiled walnut and stainless steel with sandblasted surface. The teeth are tightly seated which also makes it suitable for combining mustache. Grip-friendly and in the right size to bring with you in your pocket every day.

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